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Miles Conrad Memorial Lectures

One significant highlight of the NFAIS Annual Conference program is the Miles Conrad Lecture, named in honor of one of the key individuals responsible for the founding of NFAIS, G. Miles Conrad (1911-1964). Conrad had an early grasp of the potential of computer technology when applied to the creation, organization and dissemination of research information. His leadership contributions to the information community were such that, following his death in 1964, the NFAIS Board of Directors determined that an annual lecture series named in his honor would be central to the annual conference program.

Industry leaders, innovators and opinion-makers from the full breadth of the information community have been designated as the Miles Conrad Lecturer. In recent years, the honor has gone to:

2013: Unlocking The Value of Knowledge Businesses
Robert N. Snyder, Chairman, Cambridge Information Group

2012: Living Online: Any Time, Any Where, Any Device
Howard Ratner (PDF File of slides only)

2011: Social Discovery in an Information Abundant World
by Ben Shneiderman (PDF File of Full Text)

2010: The Network Reconfigures Academic Library Collections
by Lorcan Dempsey (PDF file of slides only)

2009: Challenges for great libraries in the age of the digital native
by Dame Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive, The British Library

2008: CAS in the New Information Order
by Robert J. Massie, President, CAS

2007: Health Information: Thorough, Fast, Free and Honest is Not Enough
by Donald A.B. Lindberg, National Library of Medicine

2006: Building Bridges to Information Products and Services
by Dr. Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee

2005: What it Takes to Gain 'Mindshare' from the Perspective of Academic Librarians
by James P. McGinty, Vice Chairman, Cambridge Information Group

2004: The Battle for Mindshare: A Battle Beyond Access and Retrieval
by Dr. John J. Regazzi, Managing Director, Elsevier

2003: Is What's Past, Prologue?
by Kurt Molholm, Administrator, Defense Technical Information Center

2002: Towards Global Information Society ????
by Georg F. Schultheiss, FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany

2001: Looking Back to Look Forward
by Karen Hunter, Senior Vice President, Elsevier

2000: How to Prosper in the Era of the Internet
by Bela Hatvany, Co-Founder, SilverPlatter Information

1999: 40 Years of Database Distribution and Use:
An Overview and Observation
by Charles P. Bourne

1998: Federal Information Policy - Putting It All Together
by Kent Smith, Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine

1997: Just For You Services on the Information Highway
by Toni Carbo, Dean, School of Information Sciences, Univ. of Pittsburgh

1996: The New Information Paradigm:
Threat or Opportunity (or Both)?
by Roger Summit, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dialog Information Services

1995: Killer Apps
by Morris Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer, Information Access Company

1994: Angst & Anticipation:
How Will We Fit in the New Information Age?
by Ronald Dunn


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